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Sequencing related suggestions

I am sort of a novice when it comes to the technical things regarding Reason so some of these may already exist as short-cuts, but I am not aware of them. If you do know then please tell me.

1) Have anything (notes or patterns) removed to the left OR right of the cursor
2) Have whatever is within the Left-Right loop indicator cloned (doesn't matter to the left or right obviously); instead of me having to do insert, copy and then paste
3) Be able to to select a block of notes or patterns and move them up a row using the mouse-wheel while the right mouse is down (or whatever method), rather than clicking down and moving it, which can sometimes go over the place when you're moving the mouse up. This will come in handy when you want to try out notes/patterns on different instruments, thus, moving these will let you hear what they will sound like on other instruments quite easily -- especially in real-time
4) Have multiple Left and Right indicators that are separated by colour, with a small tiled window where you can turn them all off, or select a few just to be on, or even all of them. This can come in VERY handy when you use the Left-Right looping a lot to work on ideas in sections
5) Related to 4, to have "sticky" Left and Right indicators that will shift to the left or right WITH the notes/patterns as editing such as inserting or deleting is done
6) After clicking on a pattern there should be a way to zoom "100%" into a block of a pattern, so that it will occupy most of the horizontal real estate available.

Probably got more points but I'm off to bed now...

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