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Remote mapping override update

So I'm new to Reason and I've been playing with the demo (20 minutes at a time).

I have a bunch of midi controllers which I use with other DAWs, and one thing that I like about Reason is the Remote technology that already has mappings for each device that is in focus. However, sometimes I want to change one knob or button to my own mapping using the remote override option, but doing so disables all the automatic mappings for that same knob in all the other Reason devices.

So, I suggest an improvement of this Remote technology, to allow more flexibility. Here's an example for the new Remote override window (designed in visual studio)

Mapping override modes
Allows to choose how the override aplies:
  • Exclusive is the current method that locks to the control and disables mappings for it in other devices;
  • This device only overrides the mapping in the current device, all other devices keep their mappings for the used surface control;
  • Similar devices works similar to the previous mode, but aplies to all similar devices, for example the mappings for all Subtractor synths get the new override. Note that default built-in mappings cannot be deleted but can be edited and saved as a new template.
Mapping templates
A simple way of saving the current mapping like if it was a device patch. Templates can be stored in folders and browsed like patches.This is per surface and per device. Would allow for midi controllers with few controls to have control of a wider number of device items. Could also use previous, next and delta shortcuts from the "Additional overrides" menu for "on-the-fly" toggle.

Template override mode
Specifies how the templates for each device are applied:
  • This song only applies the templates to current song. If not updated the global defaults will apply.
  • Global applies the templates per device as the new default mappings that will be applied to all songs that do not specify their own template list.
It's just a rough idea, and the window could possibly be organized in tabs.

Cheers to all,

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