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For LAPTOP users especially

Because of the smaller screen real estate on a laptop, I would like to see two things implemented for Record 2.0

1 - Keyboard shortcuts that will allow a user to open and close sections of the SSL mixer as needed.
No mousing to click the little buttons on the left, no scrolling - just the ability to min and max the sections.
Even the option to do so by controller would be nice too.

2 - The option to have the on screen piano keyboard to be hidden from view, even when activated. Maybe an icon like ReGroove or Blocks at the bottom when activated.
Often times, I flip between F5 F6 F7 and I have to continually move the little piano keyboard out of the way as it is obscuring something, and then shift it again as I change views as it is in the way of something else.

Please and thank you from a 14" laptop owner.

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