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Old 2011-02-25, 16:19
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Question Fullscreen Devices and some other thoughts....

1.double tab on a device in the rack will make it fullscreen !

2.groups (...some thoughts....)
pressing ctrl or alt and clicking on different rotaries of the same, or of different devices, will select all those multiple rotaries at the same time. turning one of the selected rotaries will have an effect on all rotaries of the chain. i think this could be useful, for triggering parameters of devices OF DIFFERENT SUB-GROUPS !!

knowdays, if iwant to turn more then one rotary/button at the same time (with mouse and keyboard) i have to build a combinator.
what if i sub-grouped vocals,instruments and drums already and put them into different mix-channels to add some inserts (one mastering suite for my drums, another for my instr. and a third for my vocals f.e.). i can not combine the changing of parameters on devices of different mix-channels/ SUB GROUPS !?

knowdays we cant combine combined devices (....?? !!!)

there is something more to it, that i think, could be improved somehow:


imagine having a sub-group "ALL DRUMS" f.e. . this sub-group contains different devices such as:
1.redrum with percussion-kit, 2. kong with peff's 808 kicks, 3. redrum triggering kong for some snares, 4. a redrum with hihats, 5. an octo rex to play a conga sample.

NOW : all the different drum devices (1-5) have their own SSL-mix-channel, so i have different inserts and SSL-controls seperated (effecting bass drums differently then hihats f.e. and so on..)
running all those different drum-sub-groups into an "ALL DRUMS"-mix channel, including a 14:2 mixer, will give me even more control over each drum-sub-group, AND inserts and SSL-parameters for ALL DRUMS SUMMED too !!! ( i can do this with vocals and instruments too, and sum all those again..)

i think this is really great control for mixing. but back to the point:

1. i can not play BD,SN and HH with my midi-controller (mapped) at the same time any more ! i have to play them one by one! (BD only, SN only, HH only)
2. i can not tweak ONE of a devices rotary to have an effect on other devices parameters at the same time as well (turn down snare comp. threshold and turn up bass drum comp. threshold at the same time BY TWEAKING ONE ROTARY ONLY) ! ....personally, i am fine with drawing automation into the sequencer though...just saying....

how could this problem be solved ?

well.... we could just built a sequencer track/ new mix channel for "ALL DRUMS"(as above).
All sub-groups (BD,SN,HH etc.) appear as individual SUB TRACKS of ALL DRUMS (summed) in the SEQUENCER.
(procedure: create individual tracks (1-5), create GROUP-track (ALL DRUMS mix-channel), select the tracks u want to sum (BD,SN,HH), right click, choose SUM INTO, select ALL DRUMS.

right click on ALL DRUMS-track at the sequencer will let us choose to MAP the sub-channles (BD,SN,HH) of the group (ALL DRUMS) across the keyboard (as in NNxt/combi). we could play BD,SN,HH at the same time when ALL DRUMS sequencer-track is selected !!!

advanced sequencer parameter automation will let us combine different devices parameters at ALL DRUMS sequencer-track to be able to change diff parameters with one rotary/knob !

what do you guys think about those thoughts ? could this be a good idea ?
am i missing something or am i just overcomplicating things here?
good or bad idea ?? complete crap ??

replies highly appreciated !!

thanks for reading !

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