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Old 2011-03-10, 14:37
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Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation ReFill

In an epic and unique ReFill for Reason 5, Vector Synthesis finally comes to the Reason rack. Sweep between four wildly or subtly different sounds, and create spectacular soundscapes on the fly. Set the patch to evolve automatically or manually.

From chilled-out ambient, to progressive trance or Eastern spices. Elements – it’s the stuff everything is made from.

Main Features
  • Vectors: Use X-Y-Z controls to live mix between four Voices, or simply turn on the automated Voice and pan vectors
  • 9 Waldorf Blofeld elements: Saw, Sine, Triangle, Pulses 50/40/20, Single-Osc PWM (2 types) and Triple-Osc PWM. All sampled through the Waldorf LP24 with drive
  • 26 PPG wavetable random sweeps from the Blofeld, with 20-30 second multisampling, sampled through the onboard “PPG LP” filter and with different on-board drive amounts applied
  • 70 Roland SC-8850 ethnic and western ensemble instruments and voice elements
  • 128 Korg Wavestation elements, including 65 Prophet VS waves
  • 20 additional Waldorf Blofeld presets (mostly basses)
  • 185 Combinator Workstation presets
  • Over 600 NNXT patches
  • Over 300 Thor patches, making extensive use of all the oscillator types – particularly the Wavetable, FM and Phase Mod – and filter types
  • 85 basic Line 6 FX Junkie patches (single FX module setups)
  • PDF guide

The patches are grouped into six main folders

· Aether: 23 ethereal Combi pads, with 49 NNXT and 29 Thor patches
· Air: 29 evolving pads , with 58 NNXT and 70 Thor patches
· Earth: 32 East and West “performance” patches, with 37 NNXT and 44 Thor elements
· Fire /Basses: 13 Bass Combis, 55 NNXT and 40 Thor patches
· Fire /Leads: 50 Lead Combis, 96 NNXT and 108 Thor patches
· Water: 39 pattern and arpegiator Combis, with 79 NNXT and 34 Thor patches
· Elements: The basic building blocks : 254 NNXT elements from nearly 1,600 exclusive samples

Combinator Features
  • Elements takes the Voltage Processing Oscillator from the Blue Meanie ReFill and turns it into the Vector and Pan Processors. Use them to create complex automated vector sweeps, between the four sound banks. Use the TS8450 programmer to add CV routes to use either Processor as a Blue Meanie-style VPO as well
  • Workstation styling: All the Combi patches feature a set of the most-used Reason effects devices as send devices on a ReMix unit, plus two RV7000s and an EQ/comp insert effect chain
  • Envelope Delay stereo Thor modules for incredibly versatile delay adjustments
  • Each Voice is comprised of an NNXT, a Thor VCO/VCF and a Vector Bypass. (Note that not all patches use both the NNXT or Thor VCOs in any given Voice for sound generation, but all patches include both modules so you can easily add additional sounds in such cases)
  • Any Voice can bypass the Vector Processor and go straight to its own mix channel and the send effects
  • Sub Wave: A separate Thor unit to give some additional low-end when required
  • Master VCF: Front panel access to a master VCF for old-school Frequency Cutoff applications, with Aftertouch Resonance/Emphasis

Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation ReFill, for Reason 5 and above, available now for only £39.95 (approx. €45 / US$64)

A reduced sample demo song, featuring ten original Elements patches

Demo songs: (trance) (trancish) (oriental-flavoured ambient)

Patch List

Elements 2 will be available later this year and will be free upgrade to all purchasers.
Vintage Keyboard & Guitar ReFills for Reason

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