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Old 2011-03-13, 02:13
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Lightbulb Mother Of All Effects Unit + Beat Slicer or Audio/Sequencer Syncher

Please please please create a killer effects unit. I produce, but I also DJ and when I create DJ mixes, I really like to have an effects unit like my Pioneer EFX-1000 or Korg Kp3 acting as a send/return on my mixer.

If we had an effects unit in Reason to complement or replace the older effects units, I would be able to have my modules go through them. Having the ability to chain effects through this unit would be great too. There is stuff that would be great to have that some other effects units have like: reverse, tap echo, gater, etc....

I know there are separate units that will give us a bunch of what we need, but there is need in my personal opinion, to have an effects unit that has it all (especially if you allow for chaining).

If not a new unit, then more effects would be great...

For example, with reverse, I could automate certain sections of my song suddenly reverse during a performance.

One other feature I would like to see is a way to take a wav or aiff file and slice it like in Recycle. I still don't understand the need for a separate program. I want to be able to easily select a sound file from within Reason and slice it in a popup editor.

Lastly, if we could have a way to take a sound file and move it around in the sequencer and adjust various settings to it, that would be great. Sometimes, I play a sample that I want to start at a certain point and end at a certain point in the overall song, and then adjust different things like time stretching, etc.

Anyway, maybe there are ways to do this now, but not without a lot of hacking or having to ReWire. I honestly prefer just using one program, but I think there is a lot of opportunity for Propellerhead to have a truly self-contained unit.

Thanks for reading if you got through that!!!

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