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New modular device (synth/fx/DSP/???)

There's been a few posts that have partially alluded to this sort of thing so I thought I'd make a thread as it seemed like a fine idea to me.

With Reason being a semi-modular system, it would be nice to be able to use (for example) one of Thors oscillators with the Subtractor filters and the Kong transient shaper without having to use the full blown units for each component.

If there was a unit that allowed for lego type building of devices with all the various sections from the other devices, the potential for sound design wouldn't be affected immensely but I think it would spark some creativity in users when they came to build things.

I'm no code-monkey or super synth genius so I wouldn't be able to suggest any kind of implementation strategies, but the idea made me dribble a bit. The routing of the components could be done with the familiar cable system (I think!) so it'd fit into the R/R credos.

I know this sort of thing can be done with a bit of creative routing etc, but to have all the parts separately would be pretty cool. It wouldn't even have to be the exact bits from the existing devices, it could be new specifically designed bits, for example an LFO unit with the shapes and features from the synths/samplers, a multimode oscillator (a la Thor), a routing matrix (also a la Thor), an envelope generator (that could be used for filter/amp/anything else modulation), a distortion device and so on and so forth.

There might have been suggestions in the past for this directly but searching things like "modular" and "synth" and "oscillator" will bring up pretty much every suggestion so far. Go easy on me if this is the case.

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