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Old 2011-03-28, 19:44
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Cool Darko Dub (They made me do it) - Manipulated Glitchstep Mix

First & foremost let me say that I am a huge Donnie Darko fan, as I am a big Sci-fi film freak as well. I've watched this film countless times, with each time, I always find something new, and I always end up having a deep conversation about its content. So if you haven't experience DD, I think you should. It is more than worth it.

So this track is hugely influenced by the film, and it is sort of a mash-up, bootleg glitchstep edition (of course). I have used a few samples and excerpts from the movie and based the melody off the "manipulated Living" track from the Darko OST.

Influenced by Donnie Darko by Director Richard Kelly

Samples/excerpts that were used from the film:

*Melody based off the "Manipulated Living" track by Michael Andrews
*Small sample of "Mad World" cover by Gary Jules
*Spoken Vocal samples

Additional melodies, Synths, Drums, and FX were created, & mixed by me, using Reason & Record, and the Massive VST with Ableton Live.

So all of you Darko fans and those soon to be, ENJOY!!!


Bandcamp for High Quality


A new day is coming...

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