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Old 2011-04-13, 04:17
woodruffbw woodruffbw is offline
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Full Rex Integration (Rex Editing within Reason/Record)

This might be a bit blasphemous to those of you with both programs and certainly heretical to Propellerhead who, right now, sees additional profit by continuing to exclude this feature within Reason/Record and keeping the functionality separate as Recycle, but ideally, it would be nice to be able to create REX files within Record/Reason without having to use another separate program. As it stands, Record/Reason is one of the best, if not THE best music creation program on the market; however, as awesome as Dr. Octo REX happens to be, the inability to create your own REX files within Reason/Record severely limits the functionality of this otherwise amazing feature. To have to purchase a separate (and proprietary) program to truly use this part of the program is baffling at best. It is NOT about the added cost of purchasing an additional program... To me, it is like purchasing a drum kit that intentionally lacks the snare drum, thus forcing to purchase one separately in order to use the kit completely. In this way, keeping the programs separate does not make sense.

I understand the logistical and financial reasons behind keeping Recycle separate from Reason/Record, and I do not wish to come across as one who complains about such a wonderful program, but since this is a forum about adding features and or functionality to Reason/Record, I think that it is about time that Recycle was integrated into Reason/Record.

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