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Shame on you guys

No export to WAV? No support for Sonoma Wireworks AudioCopy/AudioPaste or Intua Beatmaker Pasteboard? NO WAY TO GET ANYTHING OUT of this app? WTF?

Yes, I know you state that users can simply load up the desktop version of Rebirth and can export to audio formats there, but oh no no NO you CANNOT. Unless you have some ancient system.

Mac OSX? Not supported. The program simply will not install because in current releases of OSX there is no longer any support for classic mode.

Windows? Laugh. Vista and Win7 not supported. Virtual CD Drives not supported, so no hope of installing it on a VMWare Fusion or Parallels image even if you can rustle up a copy of XP or earlier to install.

Sorry to be harsh but really this should be a FREE app in it's current, completely worthless state. What's the point if you cannot actually export anything for use in other iDevice apps or desktop DAWs? I feel totally ripped off, so I'm ripping you one too.

You should at least add native export to WAV from within the app itself. Even better add support for one of the open, free pasteboard standards so that you can simply copy output from rebirth into other fine IDevice apps.


EDIT: I just confirmed that you cannot successfully burn the unzipped Windows ISO image onto a CD with the OSX Disk Utility. Error message: Unable to burn "rebirth_iso_installation.iso" (not recognized).

I've also confirmed that you cannot mount the ISO image in VMWare Fusion's CD/DVD Tool.

So ya, way to go, folks. You really need to add native export to WAV in the app itself, and/or Sonoma AudioCopy or Intua Copy to Pasteboard.

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