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Old 2011-05-12, 12:30
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ReBirth for iPad: Zoom, Seq matrix view, MIDI in, etc...

My take on what's missing interface-wise on ReBirth for iPad if it wants to compete with existing and newer music producing iOS apps:

Zoom: Bought it and while using it, initially I kept trying to zoom in the 303's to better control and step through the sequence. So... guess I'm missing the possibility to zoom in on one device or maybe pair of devices (I think there's enough screen height for that) to work on a full screen version of them.
It would be nice to access as much of the device panel as the screen would allow.
Double-tapping to toggle a 2 state zoom instead of a pinch-based dynamic one would be the most useful, IMHO, to avoid accidental zoom adjustments while trying to tweak the device controls.
Controlled vertical scrolling would be nice, to avoid having to zoom out then zoom in again just to access another device.

Sequencer: It's great to be able to access the 303's step sequencer the traditional way, but... it would also be great to optionally access it on a Matrix-like view either as another overlay (like the already existing ones) or by flipping it and accessing that matrix at the back of it (all depending on the GUI design... either a fictional "realistic" look or overlay-based).
This matrix-like view would include the Up/Down Oct, Accent and Slide row of cells to turn on/off on a 16 column matrix.
It would be great to have this for every device, the 303's, 808 and 909.

MIDI in: Nothing new here... it would be great to control and play those bastards through an USB CoreMIDI controller

Play mode: erm... now to show my n00bness... is there a way to actually ear the sound when playing the notes on the 303 with the sequence stopped ? If there isn't, please add a Play mode to the 303's ...which would also benefit the previous request, MIDI input for realtime play of the 303.
A virtual "pads" overlay for the 808 and 909 would be nice too along this line of request.

...that's it.

Won't bother to ask for custom MODs (i.e. custom sample packs for the 808 & 909) import/load support... for now
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