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MMM Discussion - Nimbit vs Bandcamp

In regards to the session from the Nimbit guys.

I thought their presentation was very good (and very lively again).

This is more an open discussion for those who went and signed up with Nimbit. But I wanted a thread on the pros and cons of Nimbit versus Bandcamp so that we as a community can be informed of all the advantages and disadvantages we all see with each.

We've (reijo) been on Bandcamp for almost a year now and love it but I see advantages at Nimbit too. It would be nice if when people ask "where can I sell my music, we have an outright 'choice' to recommend. So feel free to submit other sites in the discussion too.

Electronic Sales
No monthly fees (We make money via a 15% revenue share on sales.
Merchandise Sales
Multiple Formats

TICKETS! #1 in my book for this
Facebook Store

Sooooo....again the point is I thought this worthy of discussing whereby we could honestly recommend the IDEAL platform for sales for our music.
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