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RDD - Reason Device Designer

RDD - Reason Device Designer

Here are my collected suggestions, edited and summarized, regarding a new extension for Reason called the Reason Device Designer, or RDD for short.

The Reason Device Designer is an integrated extension for any one wanting to design and develop their own devices for Reason, it is similar to Reaktor in concept. With this solution, Reason will have it's own plugin system. Propellerhead could release new modules for the Reason Device Designer together with new releases of Reason.

The device designer will be created in such a way that anyone owning Reason can download and/or purchase new devices but obviously only people owning the actual Reason Device Designer can create and edit the devices.

Once a new device plugin is published, it will be able to save it's own patches.

Devices created in the device designer can be locked/protected by the original author. The development environment will have many levels of editing but the core is that it will consist of different modules and ready made graphics.

In the audio path designer the user can build their own instrument with access to modules like oscillators, filters, wavefolders, shapers, envelopes, modulation generators (lfo's) etc.

In the GUI designer there will be a set of graphical items such as the different knobs, sliders and buttons with the same look and feel as the devices already present in Reason. Of course anyone with graphical skills can add their own knobs, slider and buttons, but for those who aren’t artists there would be a nice base library to work with.

On audio module level, the user can choose to edit the characteristics for the different modules. For instance a user can edit the standard LP filter and tweak it's response curve as well as modifying the bandwidth of the resonance and whether the filter should self oscillate or not, or if it should be selectable by the user. You could make your own filter that is the biggest, baddest and meanest filter anyone heard.

Oscillators and their waveforms can also be loaded and tweaked in various ways. Is that sawtooth too perfect? Edit the symmetry in the vector based graphical editor and add some noise to make it sound rawer.

Even such a simple thing like envelopes could be edited to have all the different stages with different curves, i.e. log, lin or exp and different response times.

The Reason Device Designer as an extension to Reason would be an unstoppable force!

I will continue to add to this post as I come up with more details.

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