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Various Record Live additions

Now that I'm using Record for live performance more and more, there are a few things I would love to see implemented to make life a bit easier on stage:

• Song follow mode: end of display vs. scroll
As it currently works, song follow will allow the play head to move all the way to the end of the visible display, then jump to the next portion of the sequencer tracks. Sometimes I wish it would start on the far left at the beginning of the song of course, but once it hits the middle of the visible range, the data would begin to scroll, allowing the play head to remain in the middle of the screen. Why do I want this?... can't tell you how often Murphy's law comes into play when I'm doing a live show and the next section happens to be just a measure away from the end, off screen, but I'm not sure where the song is going so I have to manually scroll (two finger swipe on my MacBook Pro trackpad) to verify where we are in the song. If I have to switch from playing one controller to another, having just a split second to see the display change and then realize, uh-oh, here's the next section, sometimes it's too abrupt, I have a brain fart, etc... a scroll mode would help.

• Incoming MIDI identification
When in MIDI bus mode, it would be really helpful if some sort of large number flashed and blinked on-screen, directly above the devices being controlled, to identify what MIDI channel is controlling any given device. It would possibly look something like the ghosted display of Remote Override Edit Mode, and a large "MIDI 01" or whatever would pop up on top of the device whenever MIDI data is received on that channel, and the rack would scroll to that section. If multiple channels are coming in, uhm, I don't know, maybe default to the most active?

• Jump to active controller + rude parameter highlighting
It would be helpful to have the rack scroll to the active device, so that no matter where I am on screen, it would just jump to where I need to see what I'm doing. Along with scrolling to the desired screen section, something that shows what my controller knobs and buttons are doing would be helpful, something loud and obnoxious like a thick multi-pixl blatant fluorescent green outline around the active parameter. When I'm playing live and I start turning a knob, I try to see what I'm doing on, say, a Subtractor amp release knob but it' so small on screen, and barely moving, I begin to question whether I'm doing what I think I'm doing. A striking green outline would be a huge help. When I stop turning, keep the outline there for a second or two, then fade it out.

• MIDI panic / all notes off
Every now and then strange things happen and I'd love for all notes to be turned off, so a global MIDI panic button would be great, something that would kill all MIDI note-on messages by sending note-off data, as well as releasing sustain pedal/damper status as well.

• Controller lock-out / activate track(s)
A controller lock-out function would be handy; sometimes I find myself playing live and perhaps the last time I edited the file I assigned one controller to a specific device but I don't need that for live performance. For example, we're playing a song and my 88es is playing horns, and I go to my 461c to play an organ sound and it's playing the same horns as the 88es. It would be great to quickly click on-screen to activate the muted organ track so that it can continue to play the parts I'm not playing while I'm busy assigning my controller to this organ track again - during this time my controller is disconnected from controlling anything. As soon as it's assigned I could quickly click on a button and it mutes the tracks and gives me back control of the organ now.

• Controllers in the Tool Window drag'n'drop
If I could have simple icons in my tool window that represented my active controllers it would be great to simply drag and drop them onto the rack devices - that would be super handy for reassigning controllers in a fast paced live scenario.

As I think of more things I'll keep adding here, but for now, those are the things I keep thinking about at every live gig. Maybe even have a "Live Mode" for Record so that these things are only active if you go into this Live Mode, otherwise your in the standard record, edit, playback modes.

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