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Old 2011-06-10, 22:23
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NN-XT >> Velocity Range Option >> linear or square?

To make a long story short ... i'm a lover of reason. Now to my problem. I'm building some percussion sets with the NN-XT Sampler and to give the impression of a real percussion feel it all comes down to the velocity ranges. I have a set of percussion samples. Let's say slightly different sampled congas but instead of automating zones chromatically which is a great feature by the way it would mean any of the conga samples is on a different note but i rather like to put my conga samples on one note and let the velocity decide which of the congas is triggered but everytime i try to play really groovy it feels like the velocity maximum is triggered too easily. I have to touch the note key really easy to have the lowest velocity conga sample played. Moving all velocity values into higher ranges makes the range too thin to recognize the different samples and it's hard to get a groovy play. I'm using the M-Audio KeyStation Pro 88 Midi Keyboard but tweaking the velocity range there doesn't lead to a solution. How about different modes for the velocity range? Using a square function for velocity values instead of linear one?

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