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Old 2011-06-21, 12:11
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Vince Clarke/OMD-inspired Synth-Pop ballad

Here's a little old-skool synth-pop ballad I threw together recently while I was in between projects.

I wrote it for my father, who iz battling Cancer & Parkinson's Disease. It was my Father's Day gift for him. Musically, I drew inspiration from my favourite synth pop veterans, Vince Clarke, OMD, & so on.

It'z not a perfect track. The mastering hasn't been done properly (yet), and the vocalz leave a LOT to be dezired. (Yes, sadly they're my own!) But when I release my full album later this year, it will be featured in a much more polished up & refined state & the masses will be spared having to hear my woeful vocal chops.

Az for what I used.......

100% done in Record from start to finish

Refills: Bitley's Fairlight CMI refill did the bulk of the synth work for me, and Jiggery Pokery's Kings Of Kong, did most of the drums & percussion. I also used JP's Retrospective refill for a patch to give it some old-skool zing. I can't say enough good stuff aboot the Fairlight CMI refill & JP's Kings Of Kong refill. They're perfect companion toolz for an old softie like me.

The pads were from eXode's Massive Synthesis, and the arpeggiation was generated by the Pink Noise Studios Revolver refill.

And 2 or 3 patches from the Reason Factory Sound Bank. Oh..... and lotza caffeine in the form of RC Cola & Mountain Dew.

Anyhoo....... here it iz. Thanks for listening.


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