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Post Improvements for the samplers

Lets start a thread to talk about improvements we'd like to see for the samplers in Reason/Record.

I'll start with the following wish list:

1) Randomization/Sample list walking - I want to avoid having too synthetic sounding drums. Add an option that randomly picks a sample from a list to playback on each hit, or even just walks through a set of samples on consecutive hits. This way if I play in a drum roll it'll sound natural.

2) Pressure blend - Right now you get hard cutoff between different pressure levels, you could eek out a lot more with fewer samples if you could simply blend the volume up/down mixing between the different samples at certain levels.

3) Sample Morph - I'd love to be able to wavelet synthesize sounds using the samplers, blending between different sounds that way.

4) Better routing/scripting control - Check out Kontact, people developing refills should have that level of control when building their custom instruments that are really just a sampler with a fancy skin and some very basic scripting to add nuance/variation to e.g. group orchestral string sections together to play intelligently depending on the chords played, or drums that respond with a little more natural sound and feel though some random variation. It doesn't need to be that complex, but it would open up the whole refill side of things no-end.

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