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More Synth Modulators

I Think that the thor was good with its matrix routing but I have and idear that would save visual space and make it more powerful for the next synth :

you could have a classic ADSR envelope but with 1 to 8 (or whatever) numbered buttons on the bottom of it.

Like the envelope would have 8 (or whatever) state.

Now with the matrix you could route ADSR 1 to X, ADSR 2 to Y, ADSR 3 to Z and so on.

You could have lots of envelopes with with minimum visual space,

Idealy they would have done this on the thor with the global env. Sending one envelope to filter one, the other to filter 2 and so on (with the matrix).

They could even do a drawable modulator on the same principle.

And same thing with the LFO. instead of having just 2 LFO's you could have 8 with less space.

And also the would be and out at the back for each state of each modulator.

They could impletent this idear in a new combinator in a retractable panel, the combinator could have 12 lfo's, 12 adsr with minimum space taken all routable the classic way.

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