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Old 2011-06-24, 04:32
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Lack of professional brand cables hurting reason / record in the music industry?

So many people look down on reason and record because they aren't 'professional' enough for them. They say it has this 'reason' sound that isn't as good as what they use.

All you have to do to see the big cause of this is hit the TAB key. Look at those cables in the back. Tell me what you see. Not one brand name on them!

That's right! Propellerhead uses cheap, no-name generic cables on their rack devices. No Mogami. No Canare connecters. And worst all - no monster cables!

This is simply embarrassing. Propellerhead tries to act like they're making a quality product but they're too cheap to use something name brand. Instead, we get a bunch of cables that are probably put together by hungry orphans in some third world country.

There's really only one way to address this: Propellerhead needs to partner with the best, most awesome makers of cables (of course I'm talking about Monster cables - who else?) and give us BRAND NAME PROFESSIONAL LEVEL CABLES for our rack devices!

Of course this licensing fee will add a small cost to R/R - say $50 to give you access to a dozen cables, and if you need more you can buy the in the propellerhead store for $5 each. This may sound expensive to the uninformed, but it's a small price to pay for quality.

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