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Suggestions for Record

1) I would like to see a button that allow me to hear a mixer channel a little louder than all of the other channels. This would be helpfull when recording a new track, since I want to be able to hear the track clearly and louder than it would actually sit in the mix. The button should give -5 db(or maybe user selectable) to all other mixer channels exept the one I am using for recording. It should be available on each mixer channel just like the "rack" and "seq" buttons.

2) Being a Recycle owner, I would really like to see Recycle being integrateted into Reason/Record. If you do so, you could make the upgrade free or very cheap for users who already own Recycle. It could be the engine for a new "Quantisize audio feature". This feature has come up in several MMM videos as well. It seems like the natural next step.

3) It would be nice to be able to control several mix channels at once and have them turn down relatively to one control. So you could easily turn say 5 mix channels down -2 db without changing the rest of the mix channels.

4)In the bottom of the mixer channels, in mixer mode view, there are two buttons, Rack and Sequencer.These are great !! I would suggest you add a Mixer button and a Sequencer button, in the same style, to the mixer channel devices when you are in Rack mode, so that you could (just as) easily jump to the corresponding mixer channel or sequencer.

5) I would like to see the device selected in the sequencer automatically be selected in the mixer as well, so that when you jump from the sequencer mode, you have the corresponding channel already selected. This makes sense if you want to adjust levels after recording a part. As it is now, the mixer view mode selects the mixer channel you last worked on.

6) Reason and Record needs to be released in a 64-bit version. As it is now, R+R cannot make use of RAM beyond 4 gb, which is a major shame since many new computers come with much more. I am running 16 gb, for instance.

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