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Midi Velocity Question

Hey everybody,
I use Reason/Record as a live instrument/mixer.
As you can see from my avatar, I have a pretty interesting setup. I play different reason instruments using a Yamaha EZ-AG (used as a midi keyboard/guitar) with my left hand, and I play a microKORG with my right. It's been extremely fun and challenging but I can only use certain instruments that have no significant change in sound with only the 15 velocity it puts out when the frets are only "pressed". I can get a full velocity range if I strum the instrument but I want to have my other hand free. I don't necessarily need to RECORD a higher velocity but I want to get those higher velocity sounds from my instrument only sending 15 velocity.
Is there a way to process all data as, say, 100 velocity?
kind of like a midi "compressor"
note that I cannot edit anything inside the Midi Guitar.


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