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Old 2011-07-08, 19:15
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Stop complaining about Reason and start making music

Seriously, I've never seen a bigger group of complainers. Get another music program if Reason is so lacking. I'm seriously going to stop visiting this board if all the posts are people bitching about missing features that they need. Make your own software then geniuses.

Don't you think that might be discouraging to the programmers at Propellerheads? If they look at the messageboard and all they see is "is Reason being left behind"? Meanwhile they're working hard on updating the software for the complainers, and of course the next update there will be the same people whining about the one feature they need to make their masterwork.

If some minor feature of a program is holding you back from making good music, you probably need to take a step back and reconsider your hobby/profession. Real musicians can make amazing songs with 4 track tape recorders and shitty instruments.

If musicians 50 years ago could see this message board, and they could use Reason and Record, they would be disgusted. The limitations and extreme high cost of the equipment they had to use would make them realize how good we have it. Yet people will find any small thing to complain about, even though we're living in the future. Ok, we don't have flying cars, but I'd rather have computers and USB soundcards.
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