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Audio Pitch Bend and Transpose

This could be in another thread, sorry if that is the case. Here are a few ideas of how it could be done.

1) Pitch Wheel on the audio track and mix channel devices and available for parameter automation.
2) Dedicated pitch shifter device as an effect with wheel, cv, automation, etc.
3) Transpose nob (with cents or half-steps) and possibly a note lane for the audio track and mix channel devices (C is the base note like a sampler)? Or a note lane for the effect device.
4) Pitch and gate cv control on audio track and mix channel devices.

Dr. Octorex is great at dealing with pitch and they could incorporate those techniques elsewhere. Some might say that Neptune should be able to do this but I think Neptune is more for vocals and serves a different purpose. Feel free to chime in or redirect to the appropriate thread.

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