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Reason 7 supermarket shopping model

I would like to see Reason 7 go the way of Amplitube Custom Shop, where you can now get a basic package (Amplitube Free) and add on every individual component for $5 to $25. The current difference between Reason Essentials ($300) and Reason 6 ($450) is 24 devices/features, which means these extra devices could be priced between $5 and $25 also. This would allow people to get Essentials and buy Neptune or Kong for say $15 each. Or there could be a $50 skeletal Reason with just an 8-track sequencer, mixer, synth, and drum machine, and all the devices/features could be sold individually (Reason Foundation, Reason 2B, ...)

This modular shopping system would also allow Props to develop one great new device at a time. There could also be more collaborations with people like Fender, Trilian, Avalon, ReCycle and Steinway to get individual devices made. This would probably satisfy the people who need plug-ins, and the people who want Reason for their own particular style of music. Props would also find out quickly which devices people really want.

Just a thought.
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