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Old 2011-07-15, 19:51
markhansavon markhansavon is offline
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Smile If you guys had these features you beat everyone DAWs AND Sample Libraries easily...

Reason is the most stable and fastest audio software I've used. I've went through Sonar, Cubase and Fruityloops so far. I've been a Sonar user for over 8 years now and a Reason user for 4. I've used East West's sample libraries and quickly got sick of them with how unusable the Play engine was (I bought Goliath and ended up selling it and moving back to Reason 4). I've also used VSL Vienna instruments before, and Garritan's Personal Orchestra. Everything is too slow, it seems, compared to Reason stand-alone....

Here are the features that I believe would allow Reason to beat out everyone else:

1. Better Samples - Orchestral Samples + Metal Guitar Library. I would scratch your old string library for a new one that's built into the base soundset, and make better Combi's with the sounds you've already got. Here's a free orchestral template that makes good use of your orchestral sounds (playable Combi's):
The only problem with it is that the strings are sub-par because of the mics that you guys originally recorded with.
Also, you guys have an amazing Bass, Drum and Piano library but you absolutely need an Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar library! Especially Hi-Gain distortion guitars. With how well your other libraries were thought out, I can't even imagine how good a guitar library would turn out to be.

2. VST Support
3. Import Video
4. Notation - If Reason had notation I wouldn't have a "reason" to still use Sonar. Sonar, Cubase, Logic, and Pro Tools all have notation. I don't know if anyone agrees, but it still feels really unprofessional not having any notation inside of Reason...I know Reason was originally designed to be like a Keyboard sequencer on your computer, but you guys are on par with DAWs at this point, it feels like.
5. NN-XT Keyswitching and Portamento - The only thing that really separates your sampler from Kontakt is lack of keyswitching and lack of good portamento. Also, Retrigger Portamento that doesn't clip and automation of Portamento time so you can link it to a combi, and thus link it straight to your keyboard.
6. Apply effect to selected clip feature

More and more Reason builds on it's synthesizers, and it's just got more potential than just being just a synth rack.

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