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Old 2011-07-13, 23:17
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Lightbulb The Record experiment has proven successful. Do it again!

It's clear now that Record was an experiment -- an expertly cautious way of adding a "feature" that would completely change Reason. Rather than suddenly add audio along with a whole new SSL mixer to Reason 5, Propellerhead smartly made it an add-on, so as not to risk sinking the flagship product. If Record failed, and it turned out Reason was better off without audio, Reason would be none the worse for wear. And if Record was a success, it could be combined into Reason.

Record was the question. Reason 6 is the answer.

So maybe, just maybe... it's time for a VST and MIDI-out app. Let's imagine one and call it "Reconnect." Reconnect on its own is a bit like Record: its rack doesn't have Reason instruments (except for an ID8), just specialized Combinator-like devices that host VSTs. It has the sequencer, and it has Reason Essentials' version of the SSL.

On its own, it's an interesting way for VST owners to use their VSTs in a streamlined, uncluttered environment. For Reason users, it's a way to finally use other instruments outside the Propellerhead ecosystem without leaving their favorite creative environment. And for Propellerhead, it's VST and MIDI-out without risking the core product. What do you think?

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