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Talking Hecklers actually competitor spies ?

I have seen a lot of releases for reason ( count, all of them) and with each new release we seem to get something wholey original and new from the team at propellerhead that after understanding how to use, we would never want to be without. (RV7000 and SCREAM4, come to mind) and Reason 6 will be no different, making the BitCrusher's and other modules i have made in the past with the program look like attempts by babies. it stands to reason for me that a vast majority of the hecklers starting threads here dissing reason 6 without even using it first hand may actually be spies from rival companies.

Think about it. VST support ? c'mon already, Really?! where would you put CV, Gate or even audio inputs ? it's not like we could do much more than set them to a bus and call it a day. no toggle rack function to do any of the aformentioned.

another thing, the direction the props are now taking reason makes it simpler for all of us to get things done, combining all of the Great things offered by record into one solid program is nice in itself but tying it all together with its own audio interface ? thats just perfect. built in ignition key so i don't have to take up more precious usb ports ? thats a win Win WIN situation and puts the props right up in league with Pro tools and their 'Mbox'. you'll need an ignition key or balance to use it and i think thats great as it will weed out the pirates and amatures from the real producers and song writers.

it makes me wonder who these hecklers really are ? it certaintly can't be true propellerhead's like myself and only rival companies crapping they're pants would be upset by such a big and greatly overdue change in policy and approach.

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