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Sheet Music on Music Nuevo


I've been pondering the fate of the Music Nuevo website, and whether to renew the domain name or not. I think those of us (Ed, Chris, Ingo, Pete, Mark, Yas, many, many others) who dreamt this up didn't realize how powerful Soundcloud would be as a "town square", but it is, and so be it.

However, I do have a NEW idea.

Soundcloud does not provide a mechanism for posting your sheet music, directly, with your tracks. So, I used Pro Tools 9 in order to print off the sheet music to Redondo Beach Tocatta, and it's pretty decent. I put a link to it here:

So, if anyone is interested in turning the Music Nuevo site into nothing more than a repository of sheet music, then I could keep the site. Anyone with PT9, or Sibelius, or any other notation software that will give you a PDF simply sends me the PDF, I'll upload it to the server, and send you back a link.

You can then add that link in the description box for your track on Soundcloud, or where ever you post your tunes.

I would replace all the current web pages with a single web page on how to get sheet music added to the repository.


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