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Thumbs up 3 usefull editing suggestions


1. Vertical magnification of audio waves when editing. Horizontal is fine they got that right, I am looking for something along the line where that wave of audio can fit the screen. It only goes to a certain point, I like to go in deep into audio that's why I don't like to deal with midi to much.

2. Tab to transient, this helps to edit precisely, the Razor is a great tool but if implemented as a function to tab to transient to cut at the beginning of a transient on the one, it would be super superb! People can chop whatever their hearts desire quickly and effectively. Using the razor via mouse and trying to cut is heavy on the eyes I myself don't wanna go blind doing that. YOu can call it RAZOR TO TRANSIENTbut this would be a great feature.

3. Strip to Silence, this would be great for the speed of editing and being more precise. If I have sampled drums and want to clean them in between each hit, PH willing could make it so we can strip anything between the drums that cause dirt from the first transient hit to the end of the sound. This can very well go with vocals when a singer stops and gate/compression is not working because a person doesn't know how to use it. Editing lyrics is pain staking when I am editing them, but I do it manual and it takes a bit of time because you have main vocals, adlibs, backings etc.

4. Notation, so if a person that read music want my music I wrote I could print it out, espeically this is useful for those doing it live, meaning play my music live for an artist. I forgot about this.

I am suggesting this once and hope PH listens and I don't need to beat them over the head with it. You listened once when I present the bouncing become better and you did A SUPER SUPERB job on that and even shocked me. You made that so good when I bounce to desktop it automatically makes a folder for us, I didn't put that in maybe someone else did but that is a life saver!

Thank you PH
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