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kong kong kong

i have noticed reason is the number 1 WORKAROUND environment. but please hear me out

the master tune in the preferences does not affect the synthesis panels contained inside kong, please , seriously why? this forces me to re sample every single hit i make so if i do decide to change the master tune all my percussion ( my entire tracks are based around tuned percussion) also stay in the correct tuning.


the fx one and two slots will not respond to velocity information, even though the noise and tone panel's are blatant sound generating devices????????????? again this forces me to re sample down.

now iv explained my woe and clearly demonstrated there is a work around, this leads to my main point.

please please if you do not wish to alter the functions i have highlighted can you offer us a less cumbersome way of re sampling the reason devices.

one BUG i found was sometimes midi notes will be stuck at the begining of the recorded clip and you cannot delete these notes. they dont trigger the connected device but they remain there at the start of the clip.

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