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Ever heard of psychedelic grungehop?

I'm a Reason user and have made what I think could be described as a mixture of hip hop, grunge, slide blues, rock and psychedelia. Please have a listen, see if you agree, have any suggestions as to how to improve on it and whether you can think of any other artists with similar music.

Here's the full track description:

The Bigger The Fatter The Better

A fine slice of the currently in vogue psychedelic blue grungehop genre that you can also dance to. An epic, 18 minute instrumental piece of music mixing the syles of hip hop, grunge, slide blues and psychedelia, with some Middle Eastern elements thrown in for good measure (through additional percussion and certain guitar parts).

Smooth, fat, sub basslines (for both hip hop and some heavy psychedelic sections) as well as numerous powerful bass guitar parts.

Features a classic, solid hip hop drum loop, the kind you could base a million great groove tracks around, along with a programmed acoustic drum kit mostly used for the more aggressive sections. Its ride cymbal sections are particularly powerful.

Another reprogrammed, cymbal-based hip hop loop provides a loose, funky, swing feel at various points though is used in a more aggressive role as well quite a few times, such as during the end psychedelic sections dominated by the Roland Space Echo guitar parts or the earlier, more insistent slide guitar sections. The decay control (ADSR section) on the loop effectively controls how much of the aggressive cymbal is heard and functions a little like the foot pedal on a hihat.

Contains millions of guitar riffs and licks (count them). I could have put even more in as I've left out lots of other takes but managed to exercise a bit of restraint.

Features both regular electric guitar and resonator guitar (often played with a slide), with the former used for the heavier parts as well as some of the quieter, swinging sections.

Some guitar flourishes sound particularly enhanced by some effect or other but are actually just happy accidents arising from unintentional playing techniques combined with my usual delay, reverb, distortion and/or wah. However, there is one unbroken section of guitar parts that doesn't really sound like guitar due to use of a software-based frequency shifting effect.

Going along with the hip hop vibe, I added some DJ scratching effects to some guitar parts, which I really like as a rhythmic effect. This is just using the Tape Stop effect (both slowing down and speeding up the audio) found in the free software audio plugin Glitch by DbBlue.

The Middle Eastern metal (solo) section I like but its slightly awkward beat stops the track from being an all-out head-nodding and dancing affair. But it stays in as it is an effective section for transitioning the track to its halfway point.

No genuine pad sounds used but there is one arpeggiated pad-like synth that plays a prominent role during various sections.

I've really enjoyed making this one and don't think there's anything else out there quite like it, for a number of reasons. I'm sad to have to finish working on it but it has to come to an end sometime. I really think it justifies its considerable length though I might consider splitting the track in two (the halfway point is fairly obvious) but would rather keep it this long as it seems a more impressive achievement.

A complex, powerful and hopefully fun piece of music that is best played loud.

All playing, programming, errors and happy accidents etc by me.

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