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PLEASE: Midi Step Input in sequencer

Please please please, for Reason 6 (I've been asking for this since Reason 3!):

Allow us people that can't play live keyboards very well to input notes into the sequencer step by step from a midi keyboard. Rather than hitting the record button and then playing a sequence of notes 'live' (usually about a thousand times before I get it right!), I want to be able to freeze time, and only have the time move on a step each time I play a note (or a chord) on my keyboard. Great for entering intricate arpeggios - you set the desired time-step and just enter the notes one by one without having to worry about timing. Space bar enters a rest, backspace deletes the last note. Simple as.

This is the one thing holding me back from creating music with Reason. You can do it with any other sequencer like Cubase, and for me it's the natural way to enter music into a sequencer. It can't be that hard to integrate this feature.

Please allow us the flexibility to work the way we want to work, not the way you want us to work! Thanks.

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