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Old 2011-07-26, 19:10
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Brushy, ethereal jazz to d'n'b in one track needs review...

Please listen, do a review, point out any problems or what you wish it had been...

Here's the track description:

Think Big, Feel Small

Dark, brooding, brushy drumkit downtempo minimalistic jazz grooves leading slowly but surely to some powerful and aggressive rock-based drum 'n' bass.

Takes you through multiple drum loops and programming, including tablas and breakbeat to arrive eventually but briefly at some rock drumkit-led d'n'b. Long, slow, deep bassline plus lead ethereal,heavily delayed slide guitar part.

Also features a far out slightly brassy type of lead part reminiscent of Sigur Ros. Sutle but effective use of piano, becoming more prominent, in a soloing kind of way, in the tabla and breakbeat section. Overall fairly moody but with a certain lonely beauty.

One of a collection of tracks on which I play zero guitar or bass. No doubt I could add something here but don't see what the point is as the track does everything I want without resorting to my main instruments and tools of expression.

I'm probably proudest of the many drum kits and loops used and the programming thereof. It was also hard for me to keep it so minimalistic as I do tend to layer sound after sound. But I just had to let this one breathe. There is a Part 2 that I must get around to furthering and finishing. That one has proper jazz guitar and doesn't turn into anything dark and aggressive.

A friend thinks it sounds like Thom Yorke from Radiohead should be singing over the top and I can't disagree, though certainly hadn't thought of it myself. Someone else thought the space left in the first few minutes would lend it to featuring a rapper, which might be unusual but could work (again, I wouldn't have thought of it if he hadn't said it). I do like it instrumental but would consider a vocal version sometime, why not...

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