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Faster search

Searching for patches takes forever.

When searching for patches named "kick" for an NN-XT, in a folder I know to contain 2455 wav files in various sub-folders, Reason takes 40 seconds running the search, during which time it claims to have scanned "51" (51 folders, I assume) and give me no hits at all (since wav files can't be used as patches for the NN-XT). During the search, the rest of Reason is completely inaccessible, and I can't even pause the song if it's playing when I start the patch search. Moreover, clicking "abort" takes a long time for Reason to register once search has begun and the whole program becomes very unstable, unresponsive and sometimes even crashes if I search a large enough folder for patches. Minimizing and/or maximizing the window during a search takes several seconds to happen.

Windows does this same search in about 1 second. The DOS prompt does it in the blink of an eye. Why does it take Reason 40 seconds to do it?

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