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Old 2011-08-07, 18:49
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[last request] can anyone open these 3 files simultaneously ?

The short version: (the rar file with the 3 reason files)

I have uploaded a rar file which has 3 large reason files within it. I would like to know if anyone of you guys/girls has a pc/laptop strong enough to open and play these 3 files simultaneously and then provide me with your system specifications so i`ll exactly know what to buy in order to continue my favored way of working with reason.

I`m working with a laptop however- hopefully those with the powerhouse system needed to fulfill my request have specifications which are also found on top end laptops etc.


The long version with more explanation:

With regards to my first topic about my issue:

and then having opened a second topic about it:

i have yet one final request:

1 rar file i have uploaded and within are 3 extremely large reason files.

While i did manage to fabricate these during the file was open- after having closed the file i could no longer open it due to a memory shortage issue or bug. I was helped regarding this issue in the 2nd topic i posted, but now have a question regarding the optimal system for my way of working:

My current system-

NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS
ACPI x64 -based PC
Interl(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9500 @ 2.60GHz
Interl(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9500 @ 2.60GHz

Physical Memory
Total 4094
In Cache 1680
Available 2710
Free 1124

(the last 3 rows vary in number though, when i`ve just rebooted the system, the free memory sits around 2700, the available memory around 3200 etc)

Using Windows 7 and i do NOT have an external soundcard- using the primaire DX.


The 3 LARGE reason files need to be opened and played simultaneously- they all consist of dr. rex loop samples. Why i want you to test this for me is to figure out who has the most stable system to open and play these 3 files at once without crashing or receiving an -out of memory- message.

What i would like then, is to receive the specifics of your system so i know what system i`ll need to buy in order to continue the way i love working with reason and samples.


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