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Device concepts

Dear Propellerhead,
Firstly, I let you know that I LOVE your software. It is the only truly advanced DAW that makes sense to me. I can see how some people don't like how complicated it becomes, but the simplicity of the core means I can understand everything else while having total control. There are only a few things that I found impossible to do in Reason, but I think they can easily be mended... I have some things that I would like to see in reason 6:

1: Dr. Rex active slice selection (be a feature of Dr OctoRex/NurseRex,not new device): This one is actually quite simple, but reeeeaally hard to explain. You know how as a loop is played, the active slice is
highlighted on the little screen. You can also select that slice with the cursor.. of course you know this. Well, condsider being able to click on one of those slices while the loop is rolling, and the loop will continue from that point. There should be a setting that lets the user choose to either retrigger the loop exactly at the time of clicking, or simply set the loop tracker (there isn't one,but if there was)to a corresponding beat factor prior. (ie: slice A triggers 40ms after 1/16th note:: User can choose to either trigger the slice upon clicking, or maintain the beat and set the tracker to the 1/16th beat before slice A once the 1/16th beat during clicking is complete [similar to octo-rex and selecting different loops during playback]) ......: This would allow one to mix up slices as if you were using a turntable type system, but with perfect precession and easy control. To save a mix like that, Dr. Rex would continuously write notes for the slices being played over a period of time, including when the user chooses to retrigger the loop
at a previous slice.

Phew.. that was the most complicated to describe.... I hope...

2: Amp to CV: This one is simple... sidechained audio-in amplitude is converted directly to CV value. The device would have rotaries to control the ratio of input amplitude to CV output. Basically, the louder the input, the higher the CV value, rotaries control what the amp range is between max and min CV value.

3: Note Pattern Sequencing: We need an internal note sequencer that directly controls the notes of a selected instrument. I never understood the point of notes on the Matrix, as CV output is completely relative. The new note pattern device would need to be transposable (so we don't have to keep wiring through Thor) and likewise be able to run legato as well as retrigger. This will basically allow for a series of transposable patterns to be contained within a combinator. It should be set up the same as the Matrix, but it would connect directly to a the combinator. You may find it easier to simply make that system a window in the combinator itself
(like the programmer)

4: Dynamic parametric EQ and visualizer: This would basically be the combination of Image-Lines Fruity EQ2 and Wave Candy. I loved the visual EQ that showed frequency expression through color. It is extremely helpful. The spectrum and vector maps I also find really handy. However, I wish that I could visualize the components inside a wiring setup that I have created, so having a device with both the VISUAL visual EQ and spectrum graphs would be awesome. (also, there should be a switch for changing between [in]=>[spectrum/vector]=>[visEQ]=>[out] and [in]=>[visEQ]=>[spectrum/vector]=>[out]

5: Smooth CV oscillator: I'm sure I'm not the only one who makes good use out of the matrix curve system, but drawing in blocks like that can be inaccurate and it would be nice if I could meld and change them together in a more smooth way. All that would be needed for this is a device that changes CV across a curve using vector paths. Basically, you select the curve type, adjust intensity, intervals,snap to beat grid (or unsnap).. basically like Fruity Loop's parameter control system that allows
for clean and smooth curves. It shouldn't be that much trouble since it is simply an algorithm of vectors that would control what you already have with the Matrix. Now if you don't likebasic calculus... I can see how it might be problematic. It's ok, I hate calculus too.

6: This one is kinda more a setup between you and Novation's automap. I use a zero sl mkII, but the programmer won't allow me to mix remote overides from different devices. I am able to program them when I just use the zero as a midi device, but touching a knob does not display what it is controlling which kinda sucks. It WILL say "subtractor 2 osc mix" ifI use the automap program, but I am unable to combine controls from one device with controls from another device in automap. Maybe I am doing
something wrong... it seems awfully silly that they assumed that people who preformed with Reason would only want to control one device at a time.

Anyway, that's the stuff that came out of my twisted mind, hopefully some of these suggestions give you some ideas. Keep making kick ass stuff guys!

Sincerely, Chain Algorithm

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