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Old 2011-08-11, 07:15
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Upgrade path/cost from Reason/Record Education version to Reason 6

Hello all,

I am interested in the upgrade path from Reason5/Record1.5 to Reason6. I've been searching the site and the forums but cannot find an answer.

Basically, the situation is as follow:

I now qualify to purchase an Educational Licence. I do not currently own Reason, but have been sold on Reason 6. But I don't want to wait till it is released. I want to get started now :-) .

If I buy the education version of Reason5/Record1.5, am I eligible for the downloadable upgrade to Reason 6 when it is released? Is it free like the standard grace period purchases, or is there a cost involved?

I'm going to call the retailer about this. They have it listed as the EDU version on their site, but I'm pretty sure it would be the academic version, as it states that students can purchase.

--EDIT 2--
Just called the retailer. In Australia, the only version available to students IS the EDU version. So the question remains - will the free upgrade be available to this licence.

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