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Old 2011-08-13, 16:27
joseydeclaire joseydeclaire is offline
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Smile Record (I think ... and tipp for people that plan to buy reason next time)

If people only need a software to record most audio, needs some nice effects and a nice mixer for a great price, I think they have to buy "RECORD" now / near next time.

They will get for this price a great software.

Why I´m posting that?

Because after reason 6 and Reason Essntial are ready to buy, record will be stopped.

So, people that wanna something (features, quality) for the price of RECORD, don´t get with "Reason-Essential" same quality like with Record. The mixers equalizers (very important) are only 2-band, you´ve only 4 sends (ok, may can be enough), but you´ve no gate and no compressor and no high/lowpass in mixer. And this are very good features and important features for to get good "audiorecording-results".

And there are nice Upgrade-options for what you buy no / neyr time.

So, I think and hope people who plan to buy something, thought about that.

This thread is only a tipp, for to give people you know, that plan to buy something next times.

(if a english-homespeech people can explain it better, will be fine :-)
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