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Old 2011-08-13, 20:24
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Ideas I had while playing w/ Reason 5 for the first time:

So, my school recently upgraded to Reason 5.0, and I got my first taste of it. I'm definitely a fan of the new features and some of them spawned some ideas for future features that I think would be invaluable.

1: Full-Duplex ReWire Bridging
I'm sure that a lot of people use reason for some interesting effects processing. Full-Duplex ReWire Bridging would allow the use of reason as an effects processor for audio from host DAWs.

2: Digital Audio Satellite Protocols
I was intrigued by the Audio Inputs section of the new hardware interface. I decided to play around with it. Before I go on, a bit of my own background: I primarily do live sound production. In my own venue, we are mostly running in-ear monitors. We can't afford Aviom systems, but nearly everyone has a laptop and a purchased copy of Reason.
I decided to take all of the audio inputs from the hardware interface and route them to the 14:2 mixer inputs. The results were as expected. All of my audio inputs from my firewire interface were coming through loud and clear on individual channels of the mixer, and I could mix them exactly as I wanted and throw the 2mix back out to the L/R hardware interface. This made me think of this satellite protocol.
If propellerhead could develop some type of protocol to transfer the digital audio from a host machine running Reason out to satellites running legit copies over a network, then Reason could easily become a software alternative for Aviom in-ear monitoring systems. With this protocol, anyone with a legitimate copy of reason and a laptop could have their own in-ear monitor mix. This in itself would be the sole selling point of Reason to me. It would turn a great tool into an invaluable necessity for me. I know this isn't something EVERYONE would need, but it's something that if Propellerhead could pull it off, they would have the only product of its kind on the market.

This is my first post on the feature suggestions forum, and I'm not sure how often Propellerhead reads this, or if they'll even take my considerations to heart, but these are the 2 features I'd love to see the most in future releases. Any feedback, positive or negative, is appreciated. Just be polite either way, please.

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