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Exclamation Kong Problems

I've been trying to give Kong the benefit of the doubt as Reason/Record on a whole is crazy good but there are a couple of issues. Let me start this off by saying 3 things:

1. I like Reason/Record. A LOT. I'm not some guy poo poo'ing on it 'cause I wanna recommend another platform. I want improvements in something I already have chosen to use.

2. I'm not sure if there is another thread about this so I apologize if there is.

3. If you feel this is user error, I am not above eating my words BUT I would appreciate it if you accompany your "shut up" with an explanation of how I can fix these issues. My goal is to resolve this issue, not whine about it.

I'll skip the backstory and say that I do a lot of sample based work in reason and have for a while. When Kong came along I was very excited as I thought this would allow me to move from my mpc completely into Reason/Record where I could meld my sample/non sample based music; however, I think there are a few issues with it. And since it seems that upgrades will be coming often I figured I'd roll the dice on being listened to. My basic argument is this: Unless I'm misunderstanding the purpose for adding Kong, I don't think it does much to replace the work arounds that people used to make sample based music in Reason before it was there.
Bear in mind that this is from an artist that mangles samples very often as opposed to just looping things up. I'll skip the fact that the sampling function does nothing to eliminate the need to leave Reason/Record and go into Recycle to add/move slices. If I go through the time to do that though, I don't want another step added between me and the creative process, so it would be great if I could load a set of slices across the pads in the same way that I can in the NNXT. This would save probably 5 minutes of assigning slices. And god forbid I sample something and need to duplicate/edit/assign/duplicate/edit/assign/etc.. This is a serious vibe killer. Maybe if Reason/Recycle/Record owners could have the slice insertion/movement function added into Record/Reason and be able to load the sliced sample across the Kong pads. That would eliminate a large amount of frustration and, I would argue, also eliminate a lot of competition.
There's also the issue of not being able to switch the pads to a gate trigger mode when you're not using a sample module (i.e. synth bass drum, etc.). I LOVE the drum modelling but once I create a drum, I want to be able to control it beyond its sound. Sometimes I may want to trigger it with the exact length that I'm holding the pad for funkiness reasons.
I've tried to turn several friends/artists on to Reason/Record only to have them turn their nose up because the distance between the sampling process and the creative process was so vast. Adding a sampling function was an AWESOME start, but if recording the sample, exporting it to Recycle, adding slices, re opening Recycle/Record, opening the rex file in an NNXT for more slice control, and opening Redrum for more drum control is a better process than opening Kong and getting to work then it doesn't quite make sense to even have Kong. Except maybe to make kicks/snares from scratch and export them to Redrum.

Let me say again that this is coming from a frustrated user of the software that LOVES the software. Those simple (in my eyes at least) adjustments would allow me to never leave my laptop.

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