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Old 2011-08-19, 21:17
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How to know if a Reason license is upgradable

I inherited a small studio from a friend who passed away. The studio has some hardware and a good deal of software. My friend worked at a music store and I know some of the software is NFR copies and others are purchased. I only have the discs and license cards or keys written on a piece of paper. No original boxes and only a few manuals. I would like to upgrade the copy of Reason 1.0 to the "Record for Reason owners", but would hate to pay the $170 only to find out that it isn't upgradeable. My questions are:
  1. When I first tried to purchase the upgrade from this site, the dialog informed me that I needed to register the existing copy first, so I did that, and it registered just fine. Now I can get further along in the upgrade process (on this site), but got cold feet with concerns of upgrade-ability. So, does a successfully registered license on this site, mean that I have an upgradeable copy?
  2. If I were to purchase the upgrade, and then find out that it isn't upgradeable, after delivery, could I then get a refund on the upgrade purchase?
  3. The "Record for Reason users" page suggests that you can use Record with the immediately registered licenses while you are waiting for your boxed version. Does this mean that "Record for Reason users" is a down-loadable product and if so, would a successful registration there, mean that the original license is upgradeable?
To sum up: is there a way to know if an existing license is upgradeable BEFORE purchasing the upgrade? (remember, I have no box or manual, just disc and reg card) if not, could I get a refund if I find out after the purchase?

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