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Space Story!

Greetings space explorers!
First of all, I was a bit unsure if I should post this at all, but here goes!

This is the 14 minute part 1 of a story I started a few months back. Early on my friend joined me and we've been working on this on and off during this time.

I can warn you that it's a bit cheesy with alot of lame jokes and not really a song, but rather a story composed of voice recordings, music and effects. Almost all sound effects/instruments are recorded by us using a Olympus LS-5. and all music is made by me in R&R. there are 3-4 sounds that come from the old game Carmageddon 2.

So its a bit of a mega project for me, but a fun learning experience!

It's the story of Jake Andersson, Sgt.corpral at the UEG star cruiser Odin. and how he get a mission to explore a deserted research facility on a desolate planet in a remote star system.

Jake - ordinary main dude
Jeremia - smart tech guy who is supposed to have a british dialect.
Jay - strong unsmart dude with one-liners
Captain - supposed to be like those military generals in action movies.

So, I hope altleast one of you will make it through the entire part one. Although Im not sure it has any enternainment value to anyone but us involved
metal and vgm like stuff
and at your own risk

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