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Talking Idea for VST's in reason

Im sure someone has already thought of this & i am aware that the die-hard reason fans are probably going to hurl some kind of abuse at me for bringing this up... but anyways...

Im constantly trying to tell people to man up and convince them to convert to using reason as their main DAW, alot of people think i am crazy because most people's general impression of the software is that it isnt a DAW but more of a "midi computer game" and dont take it seriously.

after showing people reason & record together I have managed to convince some people that it isnt such a bad program after all, though the problem is they ask me for VST's and when I tell them i dont have any because i dont use them i am met with statements like "well f**k that s**t then, im not using it"

Its such a shame & that the general people that i discuss music production with wont take a DAW seriously if it lacks something that every other DAW has & not only does it lack something they all have, it lacks something they use in almost all of their musical work, even if theyre only using VST effects.

so here's where my idea comes in... I think it would be lucrative and beneficial for propellerheads to enable reason/record to host VST's, in my opinion if it did it would literally be the best software in the world and i think it would even put pro-tools to shame because of how straight forward it is and user-friendly (and its even more awesome because if you learn reason/record you can step into a studio full of hardware and still know what your doing)

so the issue is that prop's dont want to host vst's, im guessing the main reason for this is that they dont want to jeopardise the program's efficiency by untrustworthy external software, so why dont they just create an external program (similar to how they have Recycle) which runs not as a part of reason/record but alongside the software (using similar technology to how rewire works) and that program could then be a VST host that is compatible with reason/record and allows you to open up VST's through the program and into reason.

i think that way they could design it so that only certain trusted VST's could run through this external host, secondly they could have it so that if the VST stuff's up and needs to crash, the VST & the stand alone host software should crash but have reason/record still running unaffected. sorta like software that will take one for the team so to speak in case of a processing crisis.

also because it is a stand alone piece of software, reason/record could use that as another income stream, thats one more product they can sell (i know that we as consumers dont wish to pay extra but i think if they realised they could make more money out of it theyd be more likely to listen) also if they had this ability to use VST'S in reason/record i know as a fact overnight at least 20 music producers i know would convert to reason/record as their main DAW and thats just in my area, imagine how many people would become propellerhead customers across the world!

sales would quadruple for the company, which in effect would allow them to fund the creation of more awesome software which could then launch them above the entire DAW market and make them the controllers of the music production world.

This is just my two cents, its my opinion and nothing more, for those who have read this feel free to criticise my opinion however please make it constructive, dont just write me off because you disagree but explain intelligently why my idea is bad.

also id like to see some ideas from those who agree, or better yet, if you agree but find faults in my idea, it would be good to see if we could brainstorm ways to better this idea and turn it into something we could actually pitch to propellerhead on a serious level.

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