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90's Mixes vs 2010's Mixes

Since 3 hours i'm listening to a lot of professional music to compare the final mixes or masters of different tracks.
Mainly Hip Hop and RnB, but Pop also.
It's incredible the gap there is between the 90's songs and those of the 2010's, 90's are crisp, breathing, very clear but big at the same time.
The 2010's songs, sounds more powerful (more volume) but very harsh and too bright, over compressed and the kick way too big (low frequencies really boosted on all the tracks) in a word very tiring to listen.

Are the professionnal conscient they seriously sacrifying quality over more volume or is it a trend. Me not liking it at all at all

Im listening all those through my Focal CMS40 which are pretty good speakers.

Any opinions or people feeling like me ?

PS: its very funny cause songs from the 2000's are in between quality wise.

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