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reason 4 users

we can record on reason 4. check this out

i tried it and it works

How to Record Vocals on Reason 4.0

You need the right gear to record vocals with Reason 4.0.

Using Reason 4.0 as an audio program takes some practice and study. It works like most other audio programs. You need to have your equipment set up for vocal recordings. You can use a simple computer microphone or a professional mic, just make sure you have the hardware for a professional setting if you use a professional microphone. You need to have an audio interface for your microphone in the setup.

Things You'll Need
  • Reason 4.0
  • Computer
  • Audio interface
  • Cables
  • Headphones
  1. Setup
    • 1 Plug your audio interface into your computer, usually through a USB port.

    • 2 Open Reason 4.0. Plug your microphone into your audio interface. In Reason, go to your mixer window. Set the input for the audio interface on the track you want to record your vocals.

    • 3 Set your master fader output in the mixer view to your headphones. This will let your singer hear the music and his vocals at the same time.

    • 4 Go to the track view in Reason. Set the vocal track in record-enable. This is usually a button with a circle or the letter "R" on it. You are now ready to record.

    Recording in Reason 4.0
    • 1 Look at your transport, which is a window with symbols like those you would find on a CD player or tape deck. You want the button with the circle on it, which is the record button.

    • 2 Tell your performer to be ready. Press the record button on the transport. Have the performer sing the vocal parts.

    • 3 When the performance is over, press the stop button on the transport. This is a button with a square on it.

    • 4 To listen back to the performance, go back into the mixer view. Change the output of the main master fader to your computer speakers. Now you can listen and decide if another take is necessary.


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