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Old 2011-09-14, 21:40
blkphoenix blkphoenix is offline
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A Quality Instrument Sample Library and Sampler

Okay Props, you've satisfied everyone's wishes, but two. I'm NOT talking VST/VSTi implementation.

A quality sampler and sample library....something that's REALLY worth a $99 update.

You've implemented audio, timestretching, a sampling drum machine/synth, a quality, yet complex synth, new synth patches, and fx for dance music ehthusiats. Can we FINALLY scrap these weak a$$ sample sounds for something better, please??? Not all the patches are crap, but I can't name more than 5 killer instrument patches in the entire FSB. A better sampler wouldn't hurt either. I was quite shocked and disappointed when this was not a feature for Reason 6. I know eventually I will update to Reason 6, but I can't think of a reason (no pun intended) why I should.

Can you please make this a priority for the next update in Summer 2012 (hopefully)??!!!

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