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Opening up all Toneport UX2 Inputs?

Hey guys,

I hope this is where to put this thread. I think this is my first thread. I'm not super familiar with the forums... though I have searched this topic through and through I think.

I have a Line 6 Toneport UX2 that I'm using with Reason/Record (Soon to be Reason 6 ) and it has worked really well so far.

The Toneport has two line inputs, two mic inputs, and two instrument inputs (Guitar/Pad). Is it possible to open these all up somehow? Right now, in my Line 6 Audio/Midi Devices setup area I have it set on 1 Instrument 1 Mic. All the options only consist of 2 inputs. 2 Mics, 1 Mic 1 Instrument, 1 Mic 1 Line Input, 2 Line Inputs, etc.

In Record, in my audio track source drop down list, I have a choice of Inputs 1-4. But with the way I have it set (1 Instrument 1 Mic), Inputs 1 and 2 in Record are interchangeable with the Instrument Input and 3 and 4 are interchangeable with the Mic Input.

Does that make sense?
Record| Toneport Input 1, 2 -> 1 Instrument Input
Toneport Input 3, 4 -> 1 Mic Input

All this to say: I want separate control over all the inputs. 2 Line Inputs, 2 Mics, and 1 Instrument!

Possible or not?

Oh yeah, running Snow Leopard.

If I need to clarify, I will.

Thanks a lot guys/gals!

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