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Old 2011-09-20, 13:46
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Death by a Thousand Cuts – The little fixes submission thread

There are so many great things about the Reason workflow. But there are some oddities in Reason, we’re talking Death by a Thousand Cuts: the little annoyances that we put up with every day, issues perhaps we barely even notice, that in themselves can seem inconsequential but if you think about them at all, come to the conclusion: “why the hell is that like that... wouldn’t it be better if... why can’t I just ... etc”. Sometimes, fixing little things can make many more people very happy than the showboating “Big Five” features.

So, what are your niggles? What little tweaks would make your day in Reason easier? Post your list, and I’ll try and keep track and update the OP.

Remember, this is not about adding new devices or major UI overhaul (inc. MIDI-Out, SSL sub-groups). These are minor things to make our workflows even better. Very minor changes/Additions to existing devices I think can be included in this discussion.

The voting thread is still open!

Audio: quantize
Audio: snap to transients mode when editing audio
Audio: X-Fades in seq window, with at least two curve types
Clips: clips that don't slide their audio inside the clip when changing tempo with "Stretch" enabled
Bounce: bounce clip or mixer channel to mono
Import/Export: MP3 format
Recording: punch in / punch out
Stretch: Add turn off stretch globally, not just per track

Blocks: Add r-click “Copy Selection to New Block” from Song mode, add r-click "Copy Selection to Song" from Block mode
Blocks: Add renaming of Blocks in Sequencer view
Blocks: Allow different clip colours in Block sequencer to appear in Song mode sequencer

Browser: Remember initial search location when resolving missing samples
Browser: Remember sort type & order
Browser: Get rid of Document Browse List? Invariably one needs the whole folder, not just the partial list this view typically resolves

Device Handling
Rack: Add Prefs > Select Devices by Side Zone/Corner only, or (as current, and really bloody annoying!) entire Device area
Rack: When creating channels, be asked how many?
Rack: zoom out view in rack
Rack: Add modifier key to allow reconnection of stereo cables. Even better if it can automatically work out stuff like connection to Thor Inputs 1+2, 2+3, or 3+4

Device Fixes/Additions
All: Paramater Handling: Type in parameter settings
All: Oversampling: because eXode demands it! (ok, we all demand it)
All: Skins: or Color picker, esp Thor, Combinator, Kong
right-click "assign to combinator parameter x"
Combinator: velocity as modulation source in combinator
Combinator: Duplicate combinator routing when duplicating device
Combinator: Add copy/paste of device routing
Combinator: Add a notch mode when applicable
Combinator: Bring back the auto-black/white text algorithm that was dropped in Reason 5 and forever messing up dark backgrounds
Combinator: Routing button to FX device enabled, default to 2 > 1, rather than 0 > 2; no-one has needed a button to turn a device from Off to Bypass!!
Kong: Stereo delay or width control
Kong: stereo mode on noise drum module for reverb effects
Kong: right click routing templates for Kong
Kong: per-pad assignable parameters on Kong to solve automation issue
Kong: Show frequencies when you turn the freq-knob of kongs filter
MClass EQ: Add stereo modes
NN-19: sample start range toggle on NN-19 for granular or sample scrubbing uses
NNano : Copy/paste zones from NN-XT to NN-Nano
NNano: pan and decay control on layers and zones
NN-XT: Scrolling in the NN-XT editor
NN-XT: Automate sample start knob
PH-90: Add control of the initial phase of the phaser
RedRum: Import multiple samples in Redrum
RedRum: Copy sample to other channel
ReGroove: Fold Tool Window ReGroove Panel into ReGroove Mixer itself
Schpeider: Add more inputs/outputs to both Schpeiders
Thor: Add exponential envelope mode
Thor: Add built-in routes for F1 and F2 to Filter 3 stereo-in

Drag ‘n’ Drop
Drag ‘n’ Drop: copy device/clip(s) from File A to File B
Sample pool to instruments or tracks

MIDI Handling
MIDI Import: Add Prefs > Load ID8 devices / Blank Combinators / Create tracks only
MIDI Focus: Select MIDI device focus via the Rack

Ability to map controller to Toggle Rack Front/Rear.

SSL: Delete mixer channel when deleting a device (delete all in group doesn't do this)
SSL: Increase height of fader section when you separate the faders from the mixer, in order to scroll up the channels (faders become 100mm long for greater resolution)
SSL: keyboard shortcuts to +/- SSL mixer sections
SSL: VU+Peak readouts for the mixer channels
SSL: Solos that don't override mutes (impossible to solo a track to check mute automation)
SSL: Pre-Fader sends that are also Pre-Mute
Scale automation (@selig: can you elucidate? This probably isn't even SSL-related! thx)
SSL: Trim automation from fader
SSL: Transport bar in the Mixer view

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