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One rack per channel (insert chain)


I might be alone on this one And it applies to Record and Reason 6, not Reason 5 and below.

I often find that the rack is crazy big. It is getting hard to find my way around it. To make it readable I have to minimize and maximize stuff all the time which is starting to cause quite some irritation. The really big racks are on the verge of unbearable.

My suggestion would be to have a rack pane on the right side of the mixer. This rack would contain the insert effects for the currently selected channel. In Ableton Live, it would compare to the insert chain at the bottom and would work in a similar way.

Select channel 1 and it shows the insert effects for channel 1. Select 2 channel to and it shows insert effects for channel 2. And so on. Same for master bus.

You could also put the sound source (Thor or whatever) here.

This would cause some restrictions. You wouldn't be able to freely patch devices that outputs its audio to different channels, so I wouldn't enforce this new rack. It should only be an option. For most cases this new rack would be optimal though. At least for DAW work.
Another solution to this would be to have connections to the main rack. The upgraded usability of the UI is absolutely worth it in my opinion.
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