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Use neptune with rex

Ok, so I may be shooting myself in the foot here, because I could probably use this to become rich and famous beyond my wildest dreams. But I feel like I have to share this. It is quite possible that most of you have already experimented with this, but if you haven't, I highly suggest trying, as it has produced some of the craziest sounds I have heard in Reason. So we are essentially autotuning instruments.
1) Load a monophonic loop in rex. What is really great is getting a woodwind or sax loop, a lick or a solo. Now I don't like to use loops, but they are great starting points. Normally I automate the transpose knob like crazy in order to completely change the melody of the loop while maintaining the realistic expression, which is nigh impossible to replicate with an nnxt multisample.
2) Route the Rex through a Neptune. Turn the capture width all the way up. turn down the expression on neptune and the pitch correction to as fast as possible. Now choose which notes you would like it to stick to.
3) The real amazing part here is you can, with the voice synth turned all the way up on the neptune, and the neptune selected, play midi notes and have the rex loop play those same pitches. So you can make some incredibly unique sounds by, say, playing a clarinet loop, but then playing the keyboard with flourish. Mess with teh pitch knowb or the filter envelope on the rex, and you can get even crazier sounds, without the loop ever going off pitch!

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